Corporate Overview

About Dohatec New Media

Dohatec New Media, founded 1992, provides Software Solutions Design and Development services to institutions, government agencies and corporations globally. We specialize in Web Applications, Database Development, Custom Multimedia and Electronic Publishing applications. Our teams of expert engineers, project managers and support staff have decades of experience to develop, deploy and service these applications for commercial clients in the United States, Canada Europe and Asia. The industry segments to which services are delivered include Education, Healthcare, International Institutions, Government, Life Sciences, Media, Manufacturing, Publication, Retail, Sports and Leisure. ASP, ERP, CRM, SCM, MIS, e-Commerce, e-Government Solutions for Intranet and Internet are developed for international clients. Dohatec New Media has an Information Security (IS) Practice.

Since its inception, Dohatec products and services have maintained a global and demanding client base which includes international organizations such as the World Bank, Pan American Health Organization (PAHO), World Health Organization (WHO) and United States Postal Service (USPS) in Washington, D.C., World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) in Geneva and United Nations Development Programme major electronic publications of the World Bank and WHO in Washington DC would be developed on Dohatec software.

Since 2006 Dohatec is in the Identity and Biometric space. A key accomplishment was the Voter Enrolment Software with implementation of biometric face and finger matching Dohatec developed for the Bangladesh Army. In this engagement our detailed understanding of multi-language forms, web and back-end databases, biometric systems and project management expertise was crucial, and facilitated completion on time.Using Dohatec's solution and support, the Bangladesh Army implemented the project and completed the registration of over 80 million voters, capturing their photographs and fingerprints, for the first time in Bangladesh history, in 11 months. To read more about this project, click here.For every voter registered, Dohatec carried out de-duplication matching using Biometric Fusion Server on distributed systems.

Dohatec New Media is a Certifying Authority (CA) and issues digital certificates, web SSL certificates and public key infrastructure (PKI) enablement tools and services in Bangladesh. Our Electronic Government Procurement (e-GP) system solution was showcased by the World Bank and other development agencies worldwide in 2005. Subsequently, we were the nominated Sub-Consultant for the Public Procurement Reform Project II funded by the World Bank. Dohatec implemented the Public Procurement Management Information System (PROMiS) for the Government of Bangladesh.

It is known to many large international IT Companies because of their position as an ISV and it is able to access technology and resources globally. Dohatec is a IBM Partner and Intel Partner. Two international awards for software were received from Swiss Interactive Media and Software Association (SIMSA).

Dohatec received the Meritorious Achievement Award for the Election Solution at International Electoral Awards in 2023 in Lisbon, Portugal.