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Voter Registration and ID software

The Government decided to undertake Voter Registration along with

their photographs, finger print and signature. The Bangladesh Army

commenced the creation of suitable people identification system

to give the Voter registration process a head start. 

International and local firms, academic institutions offered solutions.







On invitation Dohatec proposed a solution for gathering voter

data on laptops with web cam, finger print scanner and

signature pad to the army. Dohatec developed the required

solution and gave shape to the imagination of the concerned

authorities in a week’s time. Within two weeks there was a

system for the Army to try out. The government high-powered

committee considered and  recommended this solution.






A total of 80 100 million voters in the country. The system

is in Bangla language the operators at local level learn to

use the system easily including use of biometric data

gathering system. The trainers are personnel from the Army.

SDK from Neurotechnologija, provided by the Army to



Dohatec, was used to integrate the AFIS solution.



Dohatec solution comprises of the electronic Voter Registration

and ID software - ‘eRegistry’ and the higher level matching

software – ‘Biometrics Fusion Server’. Microsoft examined the

system and found it a robust solution and gave it worldwide focus.

The Pilot Project went off successfully. Large scale matching

solution has been provided since