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Terrorist Information Management System (October 2018- January 2019)

The Bangladesh police Terrorism Database is a database of incidents of terrorism and it is anticipated it will grow as incidents of non-state terrorism, resulting in deaths an arrests are recorded. The current date is maintained by the Anti-Terrorism Unit of Bangladesh police. Anti-Terrorism Unit of Bangladesh Police: To most people, including criminal investigators, the term conjures up images of collator-style systems used to store and retrieve the information that is collected collect about crime and criminals. As the volume and variety of the information collected has expanded in Bangladesh, there is a need to gradually introduce more and more complex systems to assist with its storage and retrieval. The use of IT for the storage and retrieval of crime information is now almost second nature to the operational criminal investigator, and there is no doubt that without these tools, as a service it would not be able to cope with the task of recording and collating criminal information. Collecting information in itself does not result in obtaining intelligence. Information must be properly evaluated before it can be acted upon. The value of criminal intelligence can be enhanced further by analysis. When available intelligence is too complex and large in volume for simple action, it must be analyzed in order for meaningful results to be obtained. The information collected on crime or criminals to develop real “criminal intelligence”, either by intelligence units themselves or by their customers, the operational criminal investigators. Even with all the new systems for storage and easy access to criminal intelligence, investigators can still fail to make real use of this invaluable resource other than as a “ready reference” to the facts unless they properly evaluate this information and use analysts to analyze the intelligence that this process produces. The Government of Bangladesh considers money laundering (ML) and terrorist financing (TF) as one of the major threats to the stability and the integrity of the financial system has taken several initiatives Dohatec has also reviewed Bangladesh Bank’s, the major regulator of the financial system has taken several initiatives including issuance of circulars/circular letters/Guidance Notes under Money Laundering prevention Act and Anti-terrorism Act. The regulator issued a comprehensive ‘Guidance Notes on Prevention of Money Laundering’ in 2003 based on Money Laundering Prevention Act, 2002 which enumerated the duties and responsibilities of commercial banks of the country to prevent money laundering.