Training & Growth

There are only a few industries that operate at the velocity of the technology sector. Maintaining relevance in this space requires a constant growth mindset.

At Dohatec, we invest in you through providing the time, resources and opportunities necessary to stay ahead of the curve. Get better at what you already know and learn new skills along the way.

While we believe that the best training you can get is through hands-on experience, we recognize the need for professional development through specialization and role-specific skills training. The learning process at Dohatec begins with group and organizational orientation and may include:

  • Management Training
  • Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI) Training
  • Certifying Authority Training for Trusted roles
  • IT Training in Networks, Systems or Database Administration
  • Other External Training and Certifications

We provide career counseling through our managers and project leads to junior staff and our open and approachable senior management. Dohatec can give you timely feedback and reviews, clarification of roles and responsibilities, career guidance and opportunities to expand your network internationally.

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